Andrey Grachev

Andrey was born in Moscow, Russia, and dedicated many years to landscape photography. While studying the best works of other photographers, he elaborated his own style.

Accompanied by fellow photographers, Andrey is regularly travelling throughout Russia. In his opinion, it’s the most beautiful country in the world.

Many remarkable and astonishing places in Siberia, Yakutia, Far East, Russian North and southern regions are little-known even in Russia, let alone the rest of the world.

Being a Russian photographer, Andrey sees his mission as showing the world – both his fellow countrymen and foreigners – the true beauty of this largest country. He also wants to draw the public attention to the preserve its unique nature.

Andrey is a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

He made it to the shortlist of the photo contests “35AWARDS 2015” and “Wild Nature of Russia 2015” hosted by National Geographic Russia. One of his shot was included into Top 100 photos of 2015. Andrey became the winner of the photo contest “The Best Of Russia” with his landscape pictures in 2013, 2014 and 2015. He also took part in the photo festival “100 Wonders of the World 2014” and was awarded in the category “Animalistic” in the course of the contest “At the Heart of the Image” hosted by Nikon.

Sergey Karpukhin

Sergey graduated from the Russian State Geological Prospecting University. He’s a professional traveler with 30+ years experience, guide, photographer and blogger. In the very beginning of his traveling activities Sergey had been engaging in speleology for ten years.

As a member of the Russian Geographical Society and the Artists’ Union of Russia, Sergey aims to show hard-to-reach and little-known places mostly located in Russia.

Sergey spends a lot of time traveling. His longest journey took three months.

Photography became Sergey’s hobby when he watched his father dealing with photographic developers and fixers. He has been working with various publishing houses for fifteen years.

Sergey believes that photos are a vital part of any journey.

Alexey Gureev

Alexey is a travel photographer and explorer.

He graduated from several Russian universities, a Dutch institution, and acquired a research degree.

Traveling is his main passion. Alexey undertook his first journey more than twenty years ago. At the beginning he traveled over Russia, and even became a leader of tourist groups.

Since 2000 Alexey has been traveling throughout other countries. That’s how Profile / Der Spiegel (2014) described his experience:

“Alexey Gureev: traveling on his own since 2000, spends up to ten months a year abroad, visited more than 40 countries”.

Alexey wants to show that the world can’t be reduced to the street you’re living on.