Our Photography Tours Archive

Russia is the world’s largest country that has eleven time zones. Its territory embraces four climate zones from Arctic deserts beyond the polar circle to subtropical regions!

However, there’re still too few photos of Russia. Many stunningly beautiful places of this biggest country have not been captured in pictures. A lot of challenges and tons of discoveries lie ahead.

This page presents all the photography tours accomplished by our team. Of course, these tours took place on the territory of Russia. The longest Russian expedition held by our member lasted for three months. Our joint experience of international tours and expeditions includes almost fifty countries. The longest foreign tour took one of our member thirteen and a half months to complete.

The photography tours were attended by both Russian and foreign members. Here you can see the archive of our accomplished tours mentioning places without further descriptions.

Photography tours to the Asian part of Russia – Siberia and Far East

The golden mountains of Altai

Tour to Lake Teletskoye – Altai in winter

Photography tour to Lake Baikal during winter – Olkhon Island

Photography tour to Klyuchevsky Nature Park – the Kamchatka Peninsula, Far East, Russia


Tour to Tolbachik Volcano – the Kamchatka Peninsula



Tour to Mutnovsky Volcano – the Kamchatka Peninsula


Expedition to the Pacific Ocean – the Kamchatka Peninsula, Far East, Russia


Tour to Kurile Lake – the Kamchatka Peninsula


Expedition to Ergaki Nature Park – The Western Sayan Mountains


Tour to the Putorana Plateau – the north of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia



Tour to the Olenyok River – Evenkia, Yakutia


Expedition to Suntar-Khayata Range


Photography tour to Tofalaria – the Eastern Sayan Mountains, Irkutsk Oblast

Tour to the Koni Peninsula – the Sea of Okhotsk, Magadan Oblast

Tour to the Chersky Range – Magadan Oblast, Yakutia

Photography tour to the Omulyovka midlands range and the Omulyovka River – Magadan Oblast, Yakutia

Exploration of the areas around Labynkyr Lake – Yakutia


Tour to the Lena River – Irkutsk Oblast, Yakutia

Tour to the Indigirka River – Yakutia

Tour to the Momsky Range – Yakutia


The Great Momsky Glacier – Yakutia


Expedition to the Laptev Sea and the islands

Photography tour to the Taymyr Peninsula


Tour to Primorye – Far East

Photography tours to the Asian part of Russia – Siberia and Far East

Tour to the Southern Urals


Photography tour to the Subarctic Urals

Expedition to the Arctic Urals

Photography tours to the European part of Russia – South, Center and North

Tour to Karelia

Tour to the Kola Peninsula

Tour to the Curonian Spit – Kaliningrad Oblast

The Caucasus, the vicinity of Mount Elbrus

Tour to the Russian Golden Ring


Photography tour to the steppes of Kalmykia

Tour to the Caspian Depression

Photography tour to Vologda Oblast – Russian North