I was a member of the Moma and Indigirka tour (2016). It’s hard to stress out some particular moments of the tour because I liked everything. I was pleased with places and nature, locals and other travelers.

My friends from Poland told me about the tour. Later I gathered more information on the tour and its guide. After that I had no doubts. I knew I’d go!

Of course, my age and the lack of experience could have been problems, but everything went well. Many thanks to the tour organizers!

In a nutshell, it was splendid, marvelous and truly remarkable! I already want to join another tour. And I certainly will!

Sergey Arzamastsev, Russia

I became a member of the tour called “The Russian North” (2015). It was a welcome surprise that we managed to see so many places while travelling. The tour was well-planned, and I enjoyed a great company.

I first met the tour organizer on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and I knew that he’d make a new journey entertaining and eventful. What’s more, he guaranteed nice and interesting fellow travelers.

I didn’t have any doubts – the tour couldn’t be anything but perfect. The only problem was weather, but the tour organizers kept track of weather conditions, and everything turned out great.

During the tour we visited so many places each day that I thought it was yesterday and not that day. We took pictures of sunrises and sunsets while enjoying cordial and positive atmosphere. The weather also favored our journey. Besides, it was monitored on a real-time basis, and then the itinerary was changed if necessary. I was so excited that I’m thinking about participating in another tour.

Yelena Nikishina, Russia

When I participated in a photography workshop around Altai Republic, it became my first journey. The tour was perfectly organized by Andrey Grachev. The itinerary was well-planned, and we came to shooting locations at proper time. Andrey provided me with useful advice in photography. Before joining the tour team, I saw many Andrey’s photos in the Internet and followed his personal blog. That’s why I never doubted who’d be my guide. I gained so many fond memories that later I decided to make this tour over again. The Altai Mountains are amazing and unforgettable place.

Albert Belyaev, Russia

I took part in the tour along the Moma and Indigirka rivers. This journey gave me a great chance to admire the nature of Russia, to see and visit unexplored places where humans aren’t in charge.

I decided to join the tour as I knew Sergey as an experienced guide, and liked the places he chose for his previous tours.

Grzegorz F., Poland

I took part in three tours: “Karelia – the Kola Peninsula” (spring, 2015), “The Southern Urals” (spring, 2014) and “The Kola Peninsula” (winter, 2015). If you ask me what’s the best moments of this tour, I’ll answer it’s an interesting itinerary, favorable shooting locations and interesting acquaintances.

When I met the organizers in person and got a look at their unique photos, I wanted to see these places with my own eyes and take similar pictures. The only problem was my working schedule, and I worried that urgent matters would ruin my journey.

All in all, I got fond memories of beautiful sites and fellow travelers, and, of course, stunning photos.

Sergey Kruglikov, Russia

I was a member of the photography tour around Yaroslavl and Vologda Oblasts of Russia (fall, 2015).

Before booking this tour I saw many photos taken by Andrey Grachev and even commented some of them. So we’d been interacting in the Internet for a while when I decided to participate in his tour.

During the journey I liked that the organizers brought together enthusiastic photographers, thought about our comfort and showed us the most interesting places in Russia.

I greatly appreciate this opportunity to meet new people, enjoy perfect tour organization, admire the breathtaking nature of Russia and take photos of the most outstanding sites.

Alexandr Maretsky, Belarus