Wanna make awesome photos for Instagram?

I know how to get stunning pictures with a minimum expenditure of time and effort

  Be honest, would you like to get such exalted comments?

You do your best to popularize your Instagram account, post photos, comment and like other pages, but your own isn’t among the most visited ones. 

Instagram has entered the lives of million people and yours as well. It’s a cool APP for virtual communication! 

The question is what to do? 

The recipe of success is easier than it looks. You’ll need good photos. These images don’t have to be award-winning, they must be decent and entertaining, and more importantly taken by you. 

Many people mistakenly think that breathtaking pictures can be taken only by professional photographers. The thing is you just need the photos that will stand out on your Instagram feed. 

Your occupation and hobbies are of no importance. Seriously, they are irrelevant! If you’re dissatisfied with your Instagram account, you shouldn’t lose your heart – you just post the wrong photos. 

Simply put, you need more engaging pictures for your Instagram account.​

   Fact: only 1 photo out of 10 catches viewers’ attention and will be commented or liked

Open your Instagram feed and take a closer look at the photos posted there. How many of them are you ready to like? In the best-case scenario, it’ll be 1 photo of 10. 

Imagine that you’re putting your time and effort in traveling and photography, but your photos are lost on your subscribers (if you have enough subscribers). 

Your subscribers don’t like the pictures and don’t repost them, so that you don’t get any new subscribers either. 

It could’ve been the other way. You can spend the same amount of time on your Instagram account, but in the end you’ll get much more encouraging feedback!

It isn’t your fault. It happens all the time. Remember that 9 photos of 10 remain mostly unseen (few likes aren’t the summit of your ambitions). 

As a child, you learnt to eat and walk. Making great photos for Instagram is the same skill that can be acquired! 

 So how to get more memorable pictures?

Are there some tricks to make more great photos with the same effort?

Or should you learn how to take good photos the hard way? 

If you want to win international photography awards, you surely can’t do without long-term lessons. 

If you aim to make great Instagram photos, I’m gonna reveal a little trick.

   How to make the best photo for Instagram

Besides travelling, I’ve started searching for tricks and tips on how to get great photos. If you open my Instagram album, you’ll see that weekly photos differ from one another. 

It comes as no surprise as these photos were taken in different periods. Some of them adopt such tricks, while the others are shot in the same old way. 

What’s even more, you can distinguish “good” and “great” photos.
I made some good pictures out of unimpressive images. 

All in all, I usually spend 80% of time to take a photo and only 20% to edit it (you can have a different ratio, though). 

Sometimes mere editing can do wonders for a seemingly hopeless photo!

5 minutes or even less can be enough to retouch your picture. 

 I decided to share with you those little tricks and secrets I’d come across in the years of photo experimenting.

Even if you adopt some of these tricks, the quality of your photos will improve by several times!

It’s also crucial that I’ve tried to present all the useful information in the easiest and the most understandable way.

After you check out these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to spend the same amount of time on our photos, but you’ll get much better pictures!

Once you get a more stunning result, you might want to devote more time to your photography hobby :)

Here’re some examples that will be analyzed in my tutorial. I took two examples from the first and second parts of the tutorial. You can adopt them right away.

Ultimate guide to make killer Instagram pics

Section 1. How to take the best photo ever

Tutorial 1. Photo equipment: camera and phone. How to make the best use of your phone.

Tutorial 2. 7 practical tips on how to take the right shot and get an awesome photo. 

Tutorial 3. 8 most common sins of taking shots and picking photos for Instagram posts. 

Tutorial 4. 7 most entertaining photography ideas.

Tutorial 5. The secret of a perfect selfie.

Section 2. How to edit your photos 

Tutorial 6. Choosing the right software for photo editing. Why you can’t use standard editing tools, photo filters and effects in Instagram. Photo editing on computer and phone. Free and paid apps. 

Tutorial 7. The right cropping method is half the battle! Analyzing 3 examples.

Tutorial 8. Stressing out key elements on your photo. Analyzing 3 examples.

Tutorial 9. Color and light in photography. Dark photos. Color temperature. Analyzing 3 examples.

Ultimate guide: How it looks inside

Examle from Tutorial 4


This photo taken in a theme park near Vientiane – the capital of Laos – has got much more likes than other shots. What’s a recipe for success? 

i. Color contrast 

This monk boy is wearing orange robes. The orange color with a dark grey wall in the background immediately catches viewers’ attention. 
ii. Emotional contrast 

The monk boy looks surprisingly fragile and vulnerable as opposed to an aggressive mythological statue in front of him. 

It seems that this dreadful creature will devour the poor little boy. The photo calls for viewers’ emotions, so that they feel like warning the monk boy and somehow protecting him. 

It’s the first step that is always troublesome, but don’t be afraid. Besides taking the right shots, it’s also crucial to choose the most stunning ones from your photo collection. 

This photo was more of a lucky shot. I just saw visitors of the theme park taking selfies in front of this mythological entrance. When the boy went there, I’d already known what to do. 

Then I had to pick this photo from a vast collection of other absorbing pictures taken during my travelling through Laos. 

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